Thursday, November 1, 2012

New book

Here is a wip for an image in a children's book I'm putting together.
More to come as I refine and recolor the image.  I'm at the stage where I have a few color sketches that are so rough and nice, but that obscure some of the pencil work that I want to show through.  So begins the drafts of color.   And loads of computer fun.

I hope you enjoy them.  I'll post more in the next several days as I finish it up.

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  1. I began out by drawing a sketch for the mildew in my project notebook. The test tubes are 16mm in diameter so I began with that dimension and chose arbitrary dimensions for the peak of the cap and thickness of the plastic. I beefed this up by drilling larger holes within the frame and turning some steel bushings on my lathe to help the rod. The bushings additionally keep the Pen Stylus lever centered over the injection piston .